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Under my new role as CEO, and with my background in the bio industry and former CTO of the company, I am able to take the company to the next level of the biopharma industry by continuing to put the focus on Cannabis based medicine. This is done through our three main divisions:

  1. MGC Botanic
  2. MGC Innovation
  3. MGC Derma

The Botanic division is focused on the development of new genetics, which concentrates on specific medical indications. This division is where all of our GMP raw material for our clinical studies is created for patient treatment worldwide.

Our Innovation Division is focused on our medical product pipeline, and is our largest division. This division focuses on products that emerge from our supply line. Firstly, neutraceuticals, which will be able to provide the additional needs and requirements that our body needs on a daily basis to improve our immune system, detoxify our bodies and enhance wellness. Secondly, our extracts, at various levels of purity, and with the ability to extract various phytocannabinoids and terpenes to the level of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.

The Innovation division focuses on three areas:

  1. Neurological disorders which includes MGC proprietary formulations for epilepsy (CannEpil)
  2. Oncological care and treatment which includes our entry into clinical and preclinical research with RMIT.
  3. Autoimmune diseases and the various anti-inflammatory benefits the product has on the body.

Our third division is Derma. Derma is our skincare and anti-aging line for day to day use. We are currently working on a new line of dermatological products called DermaPlus, which is already presenting impressive results from clinical studies, and will be launched into the market in the next quarter.

The upcoming year is very exciting for MGC. Customers and Investors can expect to see the following changes taking place:

Botanic Division: We will continue to harvest the product in Slovenia and Czech Republic, and utilize the raw material at our production facility, as well as provide the product globally.

Innovation Division: We will be working on GMP certification and commence clinical studies in epilepsy in Slovenia as well as continuing to work on the development of neutraceuticals and supplement products. We are also working on being able to provide patients in the Australian market with these products and generate revenue from API sales.

Derma Division:  We are currently working towards the launch of our Derma Plus line, while increasing sales and revenue through distribution channels in the EU and finalizing white label collaborations for additional markets.

We are anticipating the GMP certifications to come through in the next quarter. There are very specific and unique scientific processes needed in order to receive GMP certifications, including: creating protocols and SOPs for the facility and acquiring a license to handle controlled substances. Only then can we achieve certification and validation.

Once certified, MGC will be one of the only facilities with our capacity and licensing in all of Europe. This makes MGC unique and distinct from many other companies operating in the field.

The strategy for market growth is anticipating that market growth will be mainly across Europe, as we see the change in attitude and legislation sweeping across the continent, including the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece, Macedonia, and Germany (itself a market of 80 million people, which is rapidly opening to Cannabis products).

The secondary market is Australia, where we are both involved in encouraging legislation and creating an environment that encourages growing the industry and finding more avenues for our products.

In Australia we are seeing a fast track in changes of regulation for the medical Cannabis industry, where MGC aims to provide affordable medication and products that impact users lives positively.

Additionally, MGC is constantly monitoring developments in other markets and examining possibilities for joint ventures, collaborations, and even acquisitions when the situations are correct.

MGC is focused and ahead of the field in the epilepsy space. By having Dr. Uri Kremer and Dr. Neubauer on our advisory board, we have brought together a pioneer in the space who organized the first epilepsy research related to Cannabis and children in Israel, and a leader in Europe who is currently running our study in Slovenia.

We have also signed an agreement in Australia with Epilepsy in Action, several leading physicians in the field,  and we are hard at work bringing our first epilepsy products to Australian patients.

The Botanic Division initiated commercial cultivation of Medical Cannabis and high CBD products in Europe, and we have also engaged with an agreement with the University of Lubljana on the registration of medical Cannabis strains (the first of its kind in Europe).

The Innovation Division signed a MOU with RMIT for developing Medical Cannabis therapies for cancer and its side effects, as well as establishing the International Library of Phytocannabinoids.

Once we are GMP certified, the Clean Room will provide an end-to-end production chain from Cannabis raw material (which we produce) to final product for clinical trials and patient treatment (which we know how to do) giving us complete control of the supply chain, which is a very unique position for a Cannabis company to be in.

MGC is entering into the bio pharma industry as a thought leader in Phytocannabinoid bioceuticals, with years of experience in product development and patient interaction. This gives us access to a multi-billion dollar market globally, and specifically in Europe, where our proximity to such markets such as Germany, where the government will be sponsoring medical Cannabis treatment, gives us a serious edge.

MGC is a long term investment which I believe will justify itself as we enter new and lucrative segments, and as the projects we are engaging in start generating significant revenue.

I am as concerned as you, however due to my role in the company, I am able be actively engaged in doing something about it, which I am every day. I know how much of our value is currently difficult to see, from an Australian investor’s POV, but there is alot going on in other arenas that differentiate us from most of the players in the field. It is my main concern to reclaim the public trust, to meet our statements on time, and bring the value to the investors. We will be doing that by fulfilling all of the goals outlined above, which we work very hard to do every day.