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MGC Pharmaceuticals trades on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker code MXC and on the American financial market (OTCQB) under the ticker code MGCLF.

Welcome to the Investor Centre

Founded in 2014 by experts in the Phytomedicines field with the intention of capitalising on the emerging global Pharma industry, founders Nativ Segev and Roby Zomer bring a combination of over 10 years in the Medical Cannabis and the BioTech industry. MGC Pharma was created to become a leading BioPharma company based on Phytomedicine with operations implementing a “Seed to Pharmacy” core strategy, MGC currently holds pipelines for phytocannabinoid based medications and unique formulations (Phytomedicines), both proprietary and for third parties, all under euGMP certified regulations and facilities. 

Today, MGC Pharma has operations spanning Europe and Australia. MGC Pharma engages with multiple cultivation sites to meet increasing global demand, alongside research into breeding and genetics with leading institutions and academia.MGC Pharma has a contract for full medical cannabis cultivation and a manufacturing facility with the Government of Malta, strategic EU location giving the company  a “Seed to Medicine” core strategy as a Bio-Pharma company with the goal of providing highly cost effective Phytomedicines, and direct access to EU markets. MGC Pharma manufacturing its active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) at its European GMP extraction facility.