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Our Team

MGC Pharma’s founders are all prominent figures in the Israeli Medical Cannabis Industry. They believe that Medical Cannabis will influence public wellbeing across the globe by successfully treating formerly unmet medical requirements and drastically improving the lives of patients.

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: MXC) is a global specialist Medical Grade Cannabis company with many years of technical, clinical and commercial experience in the industry.
Board of directors

Previously CEO of a leading Medical Cannabis company with a large patient base, as well as over 10 years of experience in implementation, legislation and lobbying in the global medical cannabis industry, combined with over 15 years of experience in various executive roles. Founded MGC Pharmaceuticals to expand into the International markets and to raise the quality of, and access to Medicinal Phytocannabinoid products to patients worldwide.


Following 10 years of experience in the BioTech and AgroTech sectors alongside running large scale projects, Mr. Zomer joined MGC Pharmaceuticals as Executive Director & CTO, bringing his extensive business contacts, scientific and engineering skillset to bear on ensuring MGC’s position as a leader in research and development, as well as ensuring top performance from our global operations. His recent appointment to CEO follows successful implementation of MGC’s pipelines for Pharma in Australia and Slovenia, and indicates MGC’s commitment to scientific leadership.


Mr Mitchell is a corporate finance executive with over 20 years of experience in the finance and resources industries. He has been involved in the founding, financing and management of both private and publicly-listed resource companies and holds executive and non-executive directorship roles.

Mr Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia and is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).


Dr Ross Walker is an eminent practicing cardiologist with over 35 years’ experience as a clinician. For the past 20 years, he has been focusing on preventative cardiology and is one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts.

Considered one of the world’s best keynote speakers and life coaches, he is the author of seven best-selling books, a health presenter in the Australian Media, including regular appearances on the Nine Network’s ‘Today Show’ and ‘A Current Affair’, and Sky News, Switzer Business. He also has a weekly radio show on Sydney’s 2UE/ 4BC &2CC with other regular segments on 2UE, 6PR, 4BC and 3AW.

Scientific Advisors
Professor Uri Kramer

One of the few medical professionals in the world to have run full scale epilepsy trials with Cannabis, Professor Kramer brings a wealth of experience in various fields (Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Adolescent Psychology & Child Development). Additionally, Professor Kramer is a Former president of the Israeli League Against Epilepsy, giving him unique insight into the daily struggles of the patients his research benefits.

Professor David Neubauer

As Head of Department of Child, Adolescent and Developmental Neurology at  University Children’s Hospital, Ljubljana, Professor Neubauer is widely published and respected, and has dealt with children and adolescents in Neurological contexts for more than thirty years.

Professor Stane Srčič

Stane Srčič is a Professor of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy, Slovenia. He served in the past as a quality expert of European Medicines Agency (EMA) and was for many years a member of EMA Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP). Prof. Srčič is assisting MGC Pharma in the development phases of drug products with natural cannabinoids.

Dr. Jonathan Grunfeld

Certified in Israel, with clinical experience in at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Grunfeld has spent the past twenty years focusing on Neuro-Oncology, with a focus since 2010 on Cananabis as a treatment for oncological palliative care. He has directly been involved in the licensing and care of over 3000 medical cannabis patients in Israel, giving him a unique insight into questions of dosing, patient groups and developing treatment methodology.

Professor Wendyl D’Souza

A renowned Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist with over 15 years’ clinical experience researching new and emerging treatments for common neurological disorders within a rigorous scientific framework, Professor Wendyl D’Souza is an Associate Professor in Neuroloempidemiology & Health Services Research in the Department of Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, The University of Melbourne  & Head of Epilepsy Services at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Executive Management
Elad Segev

Mr. Segev has vast experience in growing Medical Cannabis, as well as proficiency in tissue culture methods and mother cultivations, to improve and maintain a high quality of genetics patterns. Furthermore, Mr. Segev has over 7 years of experience in international project management in the Biofuels and MC industries.

Ron Lipsky

Mr. Lipsky was the business development director of leading Medical Cannabis company in Israel. He brings a history of production and development to the company and has been working in the Cannabis field for the past ten years.

Keren Bar Zakay

A combination of sharply honed legal skills and experience in the Israeli Cannabis Industry make Keren Bar Zakay the ideal on the ground manager for MGC’s Australian activities. Internships at major Israeli firms and then three years as in house legal council for one of Israel’s leading Cannabis producer gives her a unique view into the emerging issues for the Australian market and how best to handle them to assist MGC’s local and global agendas.

Slovenia Operations
Irena Pribošič, PHD
Laboratory Manager and head of QC

With over 10 years experience in laboratory environments coordinating and running studies in various fields, Dr Pribošič brings valuable knowledge to running MGC’s side of all laboratory oriented experimentation and engagements. With a focus on analytical chemistry, Irena brings rigorous facility management and QC protocols to ensure MGC’s research maintains the highest levels of clarity and supervision.

Karmen Kmet
Cleanroom Manager

Karmen brings her degree in Bio-Chemistry and her experience in Genetic Molecular Biology to ensuring MGC’s Cleanroom operations, from extraction to formulation, are all under the highest level of supervision and quality control.

Combined with her knowledge in Cosmetic formulations, these skills make Karmen a unique contributor to MGC Pharma and Derma’s operations.

Company Advisors
Nitzan Solan

Ms Solan brings over a decade of experience in Agri/Aqua-culture, planning turnkey projects and applying technological improvements to optimise growth, quality and yield. Ms. Solan also brings an ability to communicate with various types of scientific communities in the interest of furthering the eco-centric benefits of the emerging industry, as well as encouraging active environmental standards worldwide.

Neomi Amit

With over fifteen years of experience in all levels of the cosmetics industry, including owning and operating a global brand, Origani Cosmetics,  Ms. Amit provides MGC Derma with market guidance, sales and product development advice, as well as creating sales and marketing opportunities for the company.

Malcolm Kemp

With specialties in international brand development, sales and marketing, Mr. Kemp brings decades of experience as a leading executive at multinationals in the Cosmetics, Fragrance and FMCG industries to MGC Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Kemp is assisting MGC to develop the best brand placement and enacting a global strategy for the distribution and sales of MGC Derma products.