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MGC has an ambitious international research and development agenda. Research and development projects include preclinical, clinical and botanical, focused at the intersection of phytocannabinoid-derived medicines and the pharmaceutical industry. The Company undertakes research, itself and in collaboration with research institutes or universities in three main locations: Australia, Slovenia and Malta (under construction).

The Company’s Clinical Advisory Team is responsible for leading three main research and development areas: Neurology, Oncology and Autoimmune.

Research and Development
  • National Institute of Biology (“NIB”), Ljubljana. MGC Pharma, in conjunction with NIB, has recently published data following successful preclinical research assessing the efficacy of phytocannabinoid-derived medicines on glioblastoma.
  • Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana MGC Slovenia, with the Biotechnical faculty. MGC sets to commence in order to develop new genetic strains, this is alongside studying the cannabis plant genome and the development of cannabinoids within the plant in response to environmental effects, in order to optimize cultivation and improving cannabinoid yield per square meter. MGC is implementing the results of these studies into its operational pipeline contributing to its goal of creating cost-effective phytomedicines.
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (“RMIT”)MGC has entered into an exclusive research agreement with RMIT, one of Australia’s leading universities. Pursuant to the agreement, the Company and RMIT are co-funding a research facility with cultivation and processing abilities to run botanical and in-vitro (cell lines) studies.
Business Development

We will continue to harvest the product in Slovenia and Czech Republic, and utilize the raw material at our production facility, as well as provide the product globally. Our product is delivered to our Innovation and Derma departments to produce best in class products for sale and distribution around the world.

  • Successful harvests at Slovenian and Czech growing sites completed, with positive results. Next harvest yielding product viable for pharmaceutical API and cosmetics.
  • Biotechnical academy in Slovenia focused on producing new strains and IP for MGC Pharma.
  • Commencing global collaborations with various revenue models, including licensing proprietary MGC Pharma IP to collaborative partners in various geographies.
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