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What We Make

MGC Pharma operates in several different segments of the Phytocannabinoid-based medicines.

MGC Pharma applies high standards of QA and QC to different segments of the Phytomedicine industry, allowing us to meet and exceed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and GACP protocols, globally. Our company operates three pioneering divisions.

MGC Pharma Division

The Pharma Division is focused on our medical product pipeline and is our largest division. This division focuses on products that emerge from our supply line. These include neutraceuticals, which will be able to provide the additional needs and requirements that our body demands on a daily basis to improve our immune system, detoxify and enhance wellness.

Additionally, this includes our extracts, at various levels of purity, and with the ability to extract various phytocannabinoids and terpenes to the level of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.

The Innovation division is  focused on three specific areas of treatment:

  • Neurological disorders, which includes MGC Pharma’s proprietary formulations for Epilepsy
  • Oncological care and treatment
  • Autoimmune diseases, via taking advantage of the various anti-inflammatory benefits our products have on the body.
MGC Botanic

The Botanic Division engages with multiple cultivation sites to meet increasing global demand, alongside research into breeding and genetics with leading institutions and academia. We will continue to harvest the product in Slovenia and Czech Republic, and use the raw material at our production facility, as well as provide the product globally.

Our research & development:

  • We’re excited to embark on a University of Ljubljana botanic research to develop new genetic strains.
  • Refining and steadying MGC Pharma’s genetic bank to balance indications and treatment, and to guarantee our ability to produce flawless, high quality products all over the globe.  
  • We’ve partnered with Academy of Science, Czech Republic, on numerous strain grows.
MGC Nutraceutical

MGC Nutraceuticals is our pioneering nutraceutical line for balance and well-being. We are currently working on a new line of nutraceutical products, derived from our pharmaceutical pipeline of MGC Pharmaceuticals.

MGC Nutraceuticals is dedicated to making more premium nutraceutical products, compared to others on the market. All of our products are manufactured in our GMP-certified facility in Slovenia.

Our three pioneering divisions allow MGC to be a key player in all significant levels of production in various global locations. It also allows MGC to progress with simultaneous high level research and development, clinical trials around the world and to embrace new emerging verticals in CBD markets.