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Who We Help

MGC Pharmaceuticals is able to help diverse groups of people through the research and development of pharmaceutical products.

MGC Pharma’s primary purpose is to help our patients by delivering medicines that offer Phytocannabinoid based solutions to increase patients’ quality of life. MGC Pharma strives to engage with patients in order to understand their needs and issues. This helps ensure that our medications are accessible and of the highest quality.

Doctors' Access

MGC Pharmaceuticals only partner with the most experienced and dedicated Doctors who are open to learning more about the benefits of Medical Cannabis.

Doctors are very important to MGC Pharmaceuticals, because they are the gateway to our patients.

Our Doctors have the most influence on the integration of Phytocannabinoid therapy into our world’s existing scope of treatments. That’s why MGC Pharma strives to educate doctors about Medical Cannabis and the Endo-Cannabinoid system, in order to facilitate new and innovative solutions for patients that offer relief from many of today’s prevalent diseases.

In MGC Pharma’s Doctor Access Point, doctors can discover information about Medical Cannabis and engage with MGC in order to become authorised prescribers in certain countries. They can also familiarise themselves with MGC’s R&D and clinical pipelines in order to understand the changes that will be coming with the inclusion of Phytocannabinoid medications within the existing treatment spectrum.

Doctors' Access

Sign up to receive information on how to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis in Australia, Science, Regulation and the industry as a whole.

Patients' Access

Sign up to receive information on how to access Medicinal Cannabis in Australia, Science, Regulation and the Industry as a whole.

Patients' Access

This patient portal is a place for patients to provide MGC Pharma with information that will help us to assist you however possible. MGC Pharma also collects patient non-confidential information here, for future clinical trials and patient outreach. We are here to help you discover the unexplored avenues of Medical Cannabis and find the proven solutions that you have been looking for.