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What We Do

MGC Pharma implementing a “Nature to Medicine” core strategy. MGC currently holds pipelines for phytocannabinoid-based medications and unique formulations (Phytomedicines), both proprietary and for third parties, all under GMP certified regulations and facilities. This includes our ability to create API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) of various phytocannabinoids alongside compounding to be used in the pharmaceutical treatment and research globally. MGC has developed an efficient production pipeline of phytocannabinoid derived medications, with multiple products currently being prescribed to patients, and products currently in clinical development and testing.

We help

MGC Pharmaceuticals is able to help diverse groups of people through the research and development of pharmaceutical products.

MGC Pharma’s primary purpose is to help our patients by delivering medicines that offer Phytocannabinoid based solutions to increase patients’ quality of life. MGC Pharma strives to engage with patients in order to understand their needs and issues. This helps ensure that our medications are accessible and of the highest quality.