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MGC Pharmaceuticals is proud to have facilities and offices the world over, ranging from Australia to Slovenia to the UK

United Kingdom
European Corporate Headquarters
+61 8 6382 3390
Pharma European Operational Headquarters
+386 1 777 6565
Pharma Corporate & Financial Headquarters
+61 8 6382 3390
Doctors’ Access

In MGC Pharma’s Doctor access point, doctors can discover information about Medical Cannabis and engage with MGC in order to gain approval to prescribe in Australia. They can also familiarise themselves with MGC’s R&D and clinical pipelines in order to understand the changes that will be coming with the inclusion of Phytocannabinoid medications within the existing treatment spectrum.

Currently in Australia, there are three pathways to prescribe MGC products:

Doctors in Australia wishing to contact MGC Pharma, or find out more about Australia’s prescription process, please contact

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Patients’ Access

This patient portal is a place for patients to provide MGC Pharma with information that will help us to assist you however possible. MGC Pharma also collects non-confidential patient information here for future clinical trials and patient outreach. We are here to help you discover the unexplored avenues of Medical Cannabis and find the proven solutions you have been looking for.

Currently, in Australia, medical professionals need approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration to prescribe medical cannabis. If you would like more information on this process, please get in touch with:

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