MGC Pharmaceuticals is capitalizing on Israeli CBD research to create a global brand
Controlling the whole product chain, from genetics, harvesting, extracting to the final product - MGC from the Plant to You
A Medical Grade Cannabis (MGC) company, with global operations to supply the legalized markets with high quality Cannabis products for the up growing demands

About Cannabidiol

Bringing high quality Cannabinoids extraction to a new level, pushing the limits of tomorrow’s new medications and cosmetics. Cannabinoids are providing new solutions for epilepsy, cancer, pain, arthritis, anxiety disorders, and many other disorders, without having had the benefit of true scientific research and development.

Global Market Opportunity

Strategically positioned with IP and experience to exploit the rapidly growing demand for Medical Cannabis estimated to be worth $2.7 Billion globally, and growing. Furthermore, the Cosmetics industry was worth US$270 Billion in 2014 – over 100 times that of the Medical Cannabis  industry for 2014, and the Skincare market is estimated to account for 37% of the Cosmetics market, globally, estimated at US$100 Billion.

Investor Opportunity

Creating value for investors through high yield agriculture, strategic joint ventures and over 40 years combined experience in the Medical Cannabis industry. Leveraging our exclusive strain of Cannabis Sativa for research and development, thus setting high barriers of entry to potential competition.

Media and News

Providing a positive, responsible and scientific face to the Medical Cannabis Industry, and bringing media attention to the possibilities inherent in CBD research and development.

Date Name Download
18 April 2016 GQ Article – Pot Of Gold: The Race To The Multi-Billion Dollar Marijuana Industry
13 April 2016 Sydney Morning Herald Article – MGC sells cannabis cosmetics online
4 April 2016 Business News Article – MGC to enter Australian Cannabis Market
29 March 2016 The Business Insider Article – Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry could be worth $100 million per year
29 March 2016 The White Paper- Medicinal Cannabis in Australia: Science, Regulation and Industry
3 March 2016 This is what medical marijuana could look like in Australia
3 March 2016 MXC takes first steps into pharmaceutical world
2 March 2016 The West Australian Article: Inside Medicinal Cannabis
26 Feb 2016 2UE / Interview with Dr Ross Walker
23 Feb 2016 Next Bio Tech: First Revenues from MXC’s Cannabidiol Cosmetics Line Imminent
16 Feb 2016 Warren Buffett’s Secret Marijuana Stash
11 Nov 2015 Cannabis Gets Cosmetic Makeover: ASX Shell with Imminent Acquisition into $270BN Industry
25 Oct 2015 2UE Healthy Living, “Healthy Living October 25th with Dr Ross Walker & David Prior”
24 Oct 2015 Today, “Many companies are rushing to cash in on plans to legalise medical cannabis.”
28 Aug 2015 The Australian, “New activity looms for Erin Resources”
22 Aug 2015 WA Today, “Perth’s mum’s frustration: ‘medical marijuana’ legal in WA but inaccessible”
6 Aug 2015 Healthy Holistic Living, “Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Kills Cancer Completely”
30 July 2015 NoCamels Team, “Cannabis Heals Bone Fractures, Makes New Bones Even Stronger”
14 June 2015 AFR, “Lambert gives $34m to uni for cannabinoid research”
13 June 2015 The Age, “Medical marijuana poised to become boom local industry”
19 May 2015 The Australian Business Review, “Another cannabis group lists on ASX”
17 May 2015 Financial Review , “MGC Global the ASX’s latest “pot stock”
17 May 2015 The Sydney Morning Herald, “MGC Global the ASX’s latest “pot stock”
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